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Treatment results and success rates can be calculated in many ways. Some clinics choose to calculate the pregnancy rates as positive pregnancy test per embryo transfer. This results in very high pregnancy chances, especially in the case of blastocyst transfers, and these high chances are not fair as they give no indication on the chance of giving birth to a child per initiated treatment. We know that only approx. 80% of the positive pregnancy tests give rise a live-born child and especially during blastocyst culture there is a risk that the treatment must be canceled, as there are no suitable blastocysts for transfer.

When comparing the results of different clinics, you should therefore pay close attention as to how the results are presented.

We have chosen to present our results as so-called cumulated pregnancy rates, which indicates the chance of giving birth to a live child per egg retrieval  and considers both transfer of eggs in the fresh cycle as well as any subsequent treatments with frozen eggs from the fresh cycle. This is the most internationally recognized method and is also used by the Danish Fertility Society when the results from the clinics in Denmark are presented.

As you probably know, the chance of a pregnancy depends a lot on the woman’s age and below you can find our IVF/ICSI results calculated for 4 age groups (35 years and under, 36-39 years, 40-42 years and 43 years and older.

Age Fresh treatmentsFrozen treatmentsClinical pregnanciesClinical pregnancies per initiated treatmentNational results (2022)*
≤ 3533617917652,4%51,4%
≥ 43309413,3%8,6%
Eggdonation (per treatment)152339638,7%35,5%
* Source: Danish Fertility Society (,,

Pregnancy rates with insemination (clinical pregnancy / insemination):

Donor semen insemination: 25,5%

Insemination with husband semen: 24,1%

We expect the birth of 403 children after treatment at the clinic in 2022, so on average more than one IVF-SYD child is born per day.

Our twin rate was only 3,6% in 2022, which we are very proud of.

Fertility Clinic IVF-SYD has helped 4736 children into the world (2006-2022).

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