Price list as of 01.01.2018


Baby or all your money back guarantee

EUR 13.500

Package solution of 3 x IVF/test-tube treatments

3 x IVF treatments*

EUR 5.500

3 x ICSI treatments (micro insemination)*

EUR 6.650

3 x TESA treatments (testicular biopsy)*

EUR 7.500

3 x egg donation (excl. medicine to donor)

EUR 8.000

3 x double donation (both egg and sperm donation, excl. medicine to egg donor)

EUR 8.800

*extra fee of EUR 700 if the woman is 41 years of age or older

One IVF/test-tube treatment

IVF treatment

EUR 3.100

ICSI treatment (micro insemination)

EUR 3.550

TESA treatment (testicular biopsy)

EUR 4.000

Egg donation (excl. medicine)

EUR 5.500

Double donation (both egg and sperm donation, excl. medicine to egg donor)

EUR 5.800

If further price information is required, please contact the clinic

EUR 400

Anonymous donor sperm (from our stock)

EUR 300


Prices include all consultations, interviews, all scans, egg retrieval, blastocyst culture and transfer of embryos, as well as freezing of suitable surplus embryos (blastocysts). Prices are also inclusive of the statutory test for HIV and hepatitis. The only extra expense is for medicine, which is paid directly to the pharmacy.

Payment for treatment in cash or by transfer to the account of Fertilitetsklinik IVF-SYD’s: 0400-4021846363. SWIFTBIC: LOSADKKK, IBAN NO: DK2504004021846363. We must have received payment before treatment is initiated.
When transferring to bank account, please state the name of the female together with her date of birth.

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