Fertility Clinic IVF-SYD Odense

Written by: Steen B. Laursen, Ph.D. Cell Biologist

We’ve opened a new, fully equipped clinic in Odense at the address:

Hinderupgård, Niels Bohrs Alle 21, 5230 Odense M

The clinic is situated close to motorway exits 50 and 51. Free parking is available.

At IVF-SYD Odense private fertility clinic, you can come for an interview and undergo examination for infertility, in addition to having a full range of treatments and scans performed, including pregnancy scans.

Let us help you with fertility treatment at the new IVF clinic in Odense.

Fertility clinic with baby guarantee

“If we can’t, nobody else can” – although this might seem to be a bold claim, they’re not just empty words; we really mean it.

We won’t give up until we succeed. That’s why we have a “Baby – or your money back” guarantee.

Fertility Clinic IVF-SYD Odense

Fertility Clinic Odense – for future happiness

Most people dream of having a child – and many succeed in the natural manner. Today, however, more and more women and couples need fertility treatment in order to have children. According to a study by the Danish Health Authority in 2017, every 12th baby in Denmark was born with the help of fertility treatment.

Our private fertility clinic, IVF-SYD, is responsible for just over five percent of these treatments. IVF-SYD is currently experiencing an increasing number of patients seeking fertility treatment and has therefore opened a branch in Odense. The new fertility clinic in Odense, like our other clinics, helps heterosexual couples, single people and lesbian couples with all kinds of fertility treatment.

IVF Odense – professional treatment

If you’re looking for a reliable fertility clinic in Odense, regardless of whether you’re single and looking for donor sperm, a couple who wish to be inseminated, or a lesbian couple who have a dream of becoming pregnant, IVF-SYD fertility clinic Odense is the right choice. Our professional team of experienced and dedicated staff offer a wide range of treatments including:

Owing to the high rate of success of our treatments, we’ve decided to open a new branch, thus enabling us to offer fertility treatment in Odense, where we hope to help even more people make their dreams come true.

IVF SYD – professional help for pregnancy

Unfortunately, having a child, and indeed experiencing pregnancy and the joy of bringing a child into the world, isn’t always a straightforward experience, and may entail a protracted process for single people or couples who don’t get the right help. Our new fertility clinic in Odense provides a high level of service, has skilled and dedicated staff who can help you with the various options within fertility treatment, including the possibility of fertilization with your own eggs, egg donation, sperm donation or use of your partner’s sperm – all so that we can help you achieve your wishes in terms of having a child. We explore every single option in order to achieve the best possible outcome, with the entire process taking place in a safe and secure environment.

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Fertility Clinic IVF-SYD
Skærbækvej 4
7000 Fredericia
Tlf.: 76 24 50 20
E-mail: info@ivf-syd.dk

Fertility Clinic IVF-SYD
Niels Bohrs alle 21
5230 Odense M
Phone: 76 24 50 20
E-mail: info@ivf-syd.dk

Fertility Clinic IVF-SYD Zealand
Gynaecologist Charlotte Floridon
Ahlgade 51, 2
4300 Holbæk
Phone.: 59 44 13 01 / 31 40 82 29
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